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By a Sharp Knife

Every generation has a victim.

2019, SK, CZ, 89 minutes, drama, PG 15

A story of a father whose son has been murdered. Four perpetrators are charged with the crime, but thanks to an erroneous court ruling, they soon get to walk free. Determined to uncover the truth, the father enters into an uneven struggle with a passive police force, a corrupt judiciary and a dominant mob. Can he prevail in such a crooked system.


Cast: Roman Luknár, Ela Lehotská, David Hartl, Miroslav Krobot, Marián Mitaš, Táňa Radeva, Jana Oľhová, Moloch Vlavo a Momo
Director: Teodor Kuhn
Script: Jakub Medvecký, Teodor Kuhn
DOP: Denisa Buranová
Editor: Pavel Hrdlička
Music: Michal Novinski
Production Design: Michal Lošonský
Costumes: Martina Čerňáková
Make-up: Michala Frimmerová
Sound: Tobias Potočný
Original Song: Jana Kirschner
Co-producers: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Tomáš Hrubý
Producer: Jakub Viktorín



Director´s note

It’s often said about our generation that it is not committed enough and that it does not adequately reflect the developments and transformation processes in our society. The need to make “By a Sharp Knife” emerged in me after unidentified neonazis killed an innocent boy – Daniel Tupy in Bratislava. It really took our whole generation by surprise and shaked the common illusion that we lived in a safe and lawful environment. But only a decade later it became clear, that this still unclosed case was just an avantgarde of more serious events. Events that culminated with the entry of an openly neonazi political party into the Slovak Parliament. On the background of real events, “By a Sharp Knife” depicts the problems of a country in a political and economical transformation, suffering the childish illnesses of corruption, nepotism and pathological ideologies. It speaks of a system in which it was impossible to attain justice, because the state authority stopped serving its citizens and only served the advantage of it’s sponsors. Absurd actions were taken immediately, but the important ones were never justified. Only a system like this made it possible for the media to defame a dead boy into a drug dealer, while his murderers ran free. And run free to this day.

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