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Yours Sincerely, Social System

2020, SK, 54 minutes, creative documentary, PG 12

Nicolas, an African from Benin, works in Somotor in Eastern Slovakia as a social worker. Although he is a foreigner in this country, it is him who helps the local people understand the social system, which is many times being very unhelpful to them. Socially disadvantaged people, who often don't understand the system, are lost in it and Nicolas is their only hope. He is their representative, their attorney, their closest friend. Bizarre and absurd situations, misunderstandings and not comprehending the language of the authorities often cause them trouble. That's when Nicolas stands up for them and does all he can to help them out of their miserable conditions.

Cast: Nikolas, Viliam, Jana, Gejza
Director: Martin Tokár
Script: Martin Tokár
Editor: Jakub Fišer , Martin Tokár
Music: Dominik Dolejší
Sound: Dominik Dolejší, Michal Džadoň, Samuel Perunko, Zoe Sun, Sergej Dolgoš
DOP: Stanislav Adam, Martin Tokár
Producer: Jakub Viktorín


Director´s Notes

I have known the main protagonist Nikolas for over 7 years. At the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, we were given the task of making a film about a foreigner living in Slovakia, and then I came across Nikolas. Life circumstances led him to south-eastern Slovakia, where he works as a social worker. Nikolas is a guide to the story, his person connects all the story lines. I realize that Nikolas’s story and the stories of his clients are not funny in themselves, but rather absurd. In my opinion, humor is hidden in absurd situations, which are repeated all around. Somotor is a world to itself, a carousel that spins in the same direction without a break – from a distance, however, it may seem that it is stuck and does not move at all.

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