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2017, PL, DE, SE, CZ, SK, 128 minutes, drama, PG 15

A retired civil engineer, Duszejko, lives a secluded life in a mountain village close to the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. She is charismatic and eccentric, a passionate astrologer and a strict vegetarian. One day her beloved dogs disappear. On a snowy winter’s night shortly afterwards, she discovers the dead body of her neighbour and, next to it, deer tracks. More men die in a similarly mysterious way. All of them were pillars of the village community, and all were passionate hunters. Were these men killed by wild animals? Or has someone been provoked into pursuing a bloody vendetta? At some point Duszejko herself comes under suspicion…


Hrajú: Agnieszka Mandat, Wiktor Zborowski, Miroslav Krobot, Patrycja Volny, Tomasz Kot
Cast: Agnieszka Holland
Script: Agnieszka Holland, Olga Tokarc
DOP: Jolanta Dylewska
Editor: Pavel Hrdlička
Music: Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz
Costume Designer: Katarzyna Lewinska
Sound: Andrzej Lewandowski, Thomas Huhn
Co-producers: Johannes Rexin, Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Tomáš Hrubý, Fredrik Zander, Jakub Viktorín
Producer: Janusz Wachala



Director´s Notes

Our film could be called: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD WOMEN. The world in which we live in, certainly Poland in which this story takes place, is such a place. The main character of SPOOR – Janina Duszejko (Agnieszka Mandat) is honest, passionate but also mad. Mad with anger, obsessions, love for animals and with compassion for marginalized people. She is full of rebellion and outrage. Her cruel, anarchic revolt is not meant to outrage us. On the contrary – the viewer should identify with her. Is that immoral? Yes but only thanks to extreme provocation (which is often underlined with humour and tenderness) can we uncover the injustice and cruelty of the world that Duszejko inhabits. She and her contemporaries, she and her animals. The protagonist leads us through a landscape in which the beauty of nature and human friendship are mixed with mud, corruption, cruelty, stupidity and blood. SPOOR does not end with a simple moral. The genres are mixed, as are reality and imagination. The audience may come away thinking that it was all just in the mind of Duszejko who suffers from an allergy to light…

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