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2019, CZ, SK, 12 minutes, animated, G

This short, silent animated film for children plays with the biblical Ark story in which Noah saved selected pairs of animals from certain death in the global flood. And we’ve added one tiny bonus: a couple of creatures that even Noah surely wouldn’t let aboard: a sluggish chameleon and a surprisingly quick and agile kiwi.

Directors: Filip Pošivač, Barbora Valecká
Script: Hynek Trojánek
Editor: Marek Kráľovský
DOP: Alan Soural, Klára Belicová
Music: Matúš Široký
Art Director: Filip Pošivač
Animators: Barbora Valecká, Vojtěch Kiss, Lucie Strnadelová
Sound: Tobias Potočný
Co-producer: Jakub Viktorín
Producer: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková



Directors´ notes

We would like the Overboard! to be a modern work, understandable to anyone in the world, but at the same time purely Czech. We chose semi-plastic animation, which is not common for this type of project nowadays. We believe that this will be an advantage for us. We would like to follow up on the best that has been shot in this technique. We want to combine work on a classic multiplan with vertical scanning of semi-plastic puppets, which were used, for example, by Karel Zeman, and thus build large scenery and deep space. We believe that the film can be more economical and stylized thanks to this technique – in the artistic sense and the animation itself. It reaffirms how enriching it is to work in a well-coordinated creative team, where by layering thoughts and ideas that develop each other, the final project is created. Thanks to all our colleagues, it’s Overboard! for us from the beginning one great joy.

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