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Mr. and Mrs. Stodola

2023, CZ, SK, 100 minutes, drama, MP 15

A dark lovestory inspired by the lives of a real-life married couple of serial killers. In a socially deprived rural landscape with no life energy and no prospects, together they exterminate the lonely old inhabitants whom society has lost interest in. At the forefront of the narrative is their love affair, full of manipulation and dependence, but also love and devotion. As a couple, they embark on a dark path of violence and crime from which there is no common way out. Each of them must find their own escape.

Cast: Jan Hájek, Lucie Žáčková
: Petr Hátle
Script: Petr Hátle, Tomáš Hrubý
DOP: Prokop Souček
Producers: Tomáš Hrubý
Co-producers: Jakub Viktorín




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