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Mr. and Mrs. Stodola

in production, CZ, SK, 100 minutes, drama, MP 15

During an unsuccessful burglary attempt, Jaroslav accidentally kills his old neighbour. His wife, Dana, concocts a plan to make the murder seem like an accident. Another neighbour stands in the way, however, whom they also have to eliminate. Dana convinces Jaroslav to help her. They attempt to use this incident to solve some of their financial problems. With the vision of easy money, the Stodolas start killing elderly people. Initially, they proceed to cover up the murders as accidents or suicide and the police do not do much to prove it otherwise.

Cast: Jan Hájek, Lucie Žáčková
: Petr Hátle
Script: Petr Hátle, Tomáš Hrubý
DOP: Prokop Souček
Producers: Tomáš Hrubý
Co-producers: Jakub Viktorín




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