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Free the Chickens

2024, CZ, SK, 15 minutes, animated, PG 12

A rescue mission to free chickens from a factory farm goes radically wrong, and a group of four activists is forced to escape into the inhospitable wilderness to experience a series of borderline situations and ethical dilemmas that lead to new insights, such as that nature is not a safe place for animals.

Director: Matúš Vizár
Script: Matúš Vizár
Editor: Michal Bohm
Art Director: Daniel Kunst
Animators: Adrián Hnát, Matúš Vizár
Sound: Adam Matej
Adam Matej
Cast: Matúš Kvietik, Táňa Pauhofová, Lenka Libjaková, Robo Roth, Ján Koleník
Producers: Jakub Viktorín, Tomáš Hrubý



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