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Eco Terro

in production, CZ, SK, 15 minutes, animated, PG 12

The group of four environmental activists is on a crusade. Tonight is the night; They are going to improve the lives of many hens, living in the small cramped cages in the battery for industrial egg production. Maybe it's their first time, maybe the third, but it seems like they know, what awaits them. They sneak into the poultry factory and get to work. They open the cages, one by one, and free the sleepy hens from their wiry constraints. Everything goes to the plan. They just have to come to terms with the fact, that even after their liberation attempt, 99.8 % of birds will remain to suffer under the tinned roof of the poultry factory.

Director: Matúš Vizár
Script: Matúš Vizár
Editor: Michal Bohm
Art Director: Daniel Kunst
Animators: Adrián Hnát, Matúš Vizár
Sound: Viktor Krivosudský
Producers: Jakub Viktorín, Tomáš Hrubý



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