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Circus Rwanda

2018, CZ, SK, 80 minutes, creative documentary, PG 15

Rosťa Novák, the principal of the Cirk La Putyka ensemble, artistic workaholic and perfectionist, agrees to pursue a joint project with a group of acrobats from Rwanda. For the first time in his life, Rosťa travels to Africa, to create a circus show about the clash of different cultures. How will he cope with the clash between his expectations and Rwandan reality?


Cast: Rosťa Novák, Eliseé Nyiosenga
Director: Michal Varga
Script: Michal Varga
Editor: Alexandra Jonášová
Sound: Luka Šuto
DOP: Jakub Jelen, Matěj Piňos
Co-producer: Jakub Viktorín
Producer: Marek Novák



Director´s Notes

We are living in a time when the confrontation of African and European civilization is becoming an increasingly hot topic in social debate. The purpose of our film is to show that if co-operation of different cultures is to be successful, it cannot be approached by experienced dogmas on either side. And both in terms of others and of oneself. the success is to seek mutual understanding of motivations and values and then find a common path. The picturesque world of the new circus and the exotic backdrops of Rwanda are the setting for an experiment to show whether such an understanding is possible at all. Especially in a situation where the actors have only a few weeks to tap each other and find themselves under the pressure of gallows deadlines.

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