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in post-production, SK, CZ, IT, 90 minutes, drama, MP 12

Ester dreamt of this holiday in Italy for so long, but she ended up stuck with her mentally challenged son, David, in a caravan parked in the garden of her old friend´s house. Her friends tries their best, but they find it difficult to put up with David's unpredictable and destructive behavior. Ester feels alone, isolated and burdensome. She can´t take it anymore. At night, she starts the caravan and she and David set out on a trip across Italy. On their journey, Ester realizes she can be more than just the mother of a son with disabilities and that they can both live differently.

Cast: Anna Geislerová, David Vostrčil, Juliana Brutovská Oľhová, Jana Plodková, Mario Russo, Giandomenico Cupaiulo
Director: Zuzana Kirchnerová
Script: Zuzana Kirchnerová, Tomáš Bojar
DOP: Denisa Buranová, Simona Weisslechner
Costume Designer:Zuzana Mazáčová
Production Designer: Cristina Bartoletti
Editor: Adam Brothánek
Producers: Jakub Viktorín, Dagmar Sedláčková
Co-producers: Carlo Cresto-Dina, Ilaria Malaguti

Pitching forums and co-production markets participation

Torino Film Lab
FeatureLab 2020

When East Meets West
29th Trieste Film Festival

Cinéfondation – L’Atelier
74th edition Cannes International Film festival



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