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About us

Nutprodukcia is the partner company to Czech-based production company nutprodukce, founded in 2015 by producers Jakub Viktorin from Slovakia and his Czech partners Tomas Hruby and Pavla Janouskova Kubeckova. Nutprodukcia focuses mainly on synergic Slovak and Czech projects designed to also appeal to other European markets. The company is striving to become a strong platform for young, talented Slovak filmmakers and help them enter the international audiovisual scene.

List of projects

In development
Tony, Shelly & Genius

In production
Yours Sincerely, Social System
Eco Terro
The Ark

By a Sharp Knife(2019)
Circus Rwanda (2018)


– film production
– service film production
– event production
– TV/online advertising & video production

Behind the scenes